You must know a lot about the drawing die, but some people seldom touch it, let alone how to use it. Today I'll talk about some points that we need to pay attention to in the process of using the drawing die. First, when using the drawing die, we must choose a correct angle of cone angle, which determines the compression rate when drawing the wire. The two are in inverse proportion, If the angle is too large, the contact point will be too close, the deformation area will be compressed, a lot of heat will be generated, and the lubrication effect will fail, resulting in the loss of the mold. Secondly, there may be cracks. Generally, the cracks are herringbone shape or the central part will be disconnected, because of the unreasonable arrangement of the technology. If the drawing force is too large, the ultimate tension of the material will be exceeded, this result will be generated. Thirdly, Surface processing cherry blossom, this is because of the residual stress, which makes the surface cracking or difficult to work. Chongqing moving company believes that the problem will appear in every aspect, which requires professional knowledge to analyze and solve