You must have a good understanding of the drawing die, some people are rarely exposed to it, but don't say how to use, today for everyone to talk a few points to note in the drawing die in the process of use. First, when using the dies must choose a right cone angle. This angle determines the compression rate of line drawing work, both inversely, if the angle is too large will make contact too close to, compression deformation zone, produce a lot of heat, lubrication failure, resulting in the loss of second. Die, may crack, the crack is a general shape or a center part of broken flip open, because the process of this arrangement is not reasonable, if drawing too much, more than the limit tension of material, can produce such results. Third, surface processing Sakura, this is due to the residual stress and the surface cracking, or Work difficulties, Chongqing moving company believes that the problem will occur in every aspect, the need for professional knowledge to analyze and solve.